No Code Weekend in London

Discover the highlights of our latest no-code hackathon in London, where creativity and innovation took center stage.

No Code Weekend in London
In the vibrant tech scene of London, No Code Weekend recently hosted one of our most successful no-code hackathons to date. As the founder of the world's largest no-code hackathon, I have seen firsthand how empowering and transformative these events can be. What began as a side project in 2021 has grown into a global phenomenon, now run under my educational company, Build Academy. Our latest event, held in partnership with No Code UK, was a testament to the power of community and innovation.

Partnering with No Code UK

This time, we had the exciting opportunity to collaborate with No Code UK, a prominent no-code conference in London. The hackathon was hosted both at the event venue in London and open to international participants remotely. This unique format allowed us to reach a diverse group of builders from around the world, creating a truly global event. The hackathon was free to join, attracting almost 200 builders eager to showcase their skills.
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The 100 Minute Build Challenge

The challenge was simple yet demanding: build a webpage in just 100 minutes. Despite the tight timeframe, the quality of the submissions was outstanding. Participants from countries including the UK, Canada, India, France, Pakistan, and the USA brought their A-game, demonstrating remarkable creativity and technical prowess. The buzz and activity on Twitter were phenomenal, with participants sharing their progress and cheering each other on.


During the winner announcement, our host, Ash, highlighted the hackathon's immense success. We were thrilled with the quality of the builds, many of which were created using Bubble, showcasing the incredible potential of no-code tools. A new award was introduced: the Best Design Award, offering a full scholarship to the next No Code Cohort at Era of No Code, a prestigious 10-week program valued at $400. Additionally, Max and 100DaysOfNoCode surprised us with another award with access to their educational community of no-code builders.

Reflections on Our Journey

Looking back, it's incredible to see how far we've come since the first No Code Weekend. From a small side project to a major event under Build Academy, our hackathons have empowered thousands of builders and entrepreneurs to launch successful projects and businesses. The London event was a shining example of what we can achieve together, and I'm grateful for the community that makes it all possible.

The Future of No Code

As we continue to grow, I am excited about the future of no-code development. These hackathons not only provide a platform for innovation but also foster a supportive and enthusiastic community. Whether you're a seasoned builder or just starting your journey, there's a place for you in the no-code world. Stay tuned for more events, more challenges, and more opportunities to build and create together.
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For more information about the hackathon, visit No Code Weekend, and learn more about the conference at No Code UK. Follow us on Twitter for updates and announcements.
Vensy Krishna

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Vensy Krishna

No-code operator and educator.