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Talks, keynotes, and podcast appearances for creators, entrepreneurs, and students.
I am passionate about public speaking, and I regularly undertake speaking engagements and host workshops for audiences across the world. I deliver keynotes and presentations on no-code, building in public, leadership, entrepreneurship, productivity, and personal development. My audience usually includes startup founders and operators, builders, school and college students, and those interested in upskilling and personal growth.
As an educator, I have been a teacher for nine years, teaching thousands of students offline and in classrooms. I am excited to speak to and mentor young students, and it delights me to be a part of their journey. I have been invited to speak at universities around the world, including India's top IITs, NITs, and National Law Universities. My talks and workshops cover a range of topics spanning my experience in law, education, entrepreneurship, building, and leadership.


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