Speaking Engagements

I am passionate about public speaking, and I regularly participate in speaking engagements and workshops across the country. I deliver keynotes and presentations on leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, productivity, and personal development. My audience usually includes corporates, school and college students, lawyers and law students, entrepreneurs, and members of the startup ecosystem.

I am excited to speak to and mentor young students, and it delights me to be a part of their growth. I have been invited to speak at India's top universities, including the IITs, NITs, and National Law Universities at their Entrepreneurship Cells, workshops, fests, and events related to student leadership and entrepreneurship.  

If you want to invite me to speak at your next corporate or University event, please reach out to me through the Contact Me page.

Please note that I am currently not available for in-person speaking engagements. However, I am available for virtual workshops, webinars, and live sessions/speaking engagements.


Leadership    Law    Startups Entrepreneurship   
 Digital Marketing    Strategy   Business   

Personal Development   Productivity    Habit Formation 

 Workflow Design    Student Entrepreneurship  


Potential Topics

Productivity and Habit Formation

6 Steps to a More Productive Life

A productivity-themed talk with a focus on six of my best productivity and self-improvement tips. Suggested audience: professionals, entrepreneurs, corporates, students.

Personal Development

Mindful Productivity and Personal Growth

A case for slowing down and embracing mindfulness in your quest for productivity and personal growth. Suggested audience: professionals, entrepreneurs, corporates, students.


Note-Taking: The One Habit That Will Change Your Life

A focus on how note-taking transformed my life and how you too can achieve lofty work goals while also building a fulfilled personal life. Suggested audience: professionals, entrepreneurs, corporates.


Women Entrepreneurs- The Growth Engine That's Just Started

What is it like being a woman entrepreneur in India? This is my story, complete with what I learned and what I know to be true. Suggested audience: women, entrepreneurs, students.

Student Entrepreneurship

Tips for Student Entrepreneurs: Succeed in College and Business

How I aced a dual-degree in Law from one of the toughest law schools while simultaneously running a highly successful company that also won international awards. This is my story, replete with tips and actionable insights. Suggested audience: students.


The Future of Work in a Post-COVID World

What skills will be highly sought-after in 2025? How does the nature of work change after the impact of the Coronavirus? What does the future of work look like in the post-COVID world? Suggested audience: professionals, entrepreneurs, corporates.

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To engage me as a speaker or panelist at your next event, please connect with me through the Contact Me page.