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Hey, I’m Vensy.

I'm a no-code operator and educator, who previously led education at On Deck.
I help you build things without code, scale your business, and become more productive.

Trusted by global leaders and brands building the future.

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Speaking and Education

I regularly speak and host workshops on no-code,online building, entrepreneurship, mindful productivity, and personal growth. Book me for your next event as a keynote speaker, presenter, panelist, workshop host, or instructor on my favorite topics.
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Notion Ambassador

As a Notion Ambassador, I’m a part of an official community of Notion experts who help individuals and businesses transform their workflows. Learn Notion from me: attend my workshops, learn from my tutorials, and download my templates.
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Building in Public

I love projects where I can learn and build tools that help people. I learn and build in public while being transparent about my wins and failures. My playbooks are open, and I love to teach. Learn more about my projects and building process.
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Personal Development

Since 2018, I have been on a conscious journey to learn to better manage my time, achieve holistic growth, and build better habits. Join me on my self-improvement journey: read my newsletter, attend my events, and download my products.