I'm passionate about delivering quality. At everything I do.

This is me

I'm Vensy. I love bringing efficiency to things.

I have a passion for solving problems, building sustainable solutions, and learning as much as I can about things that interest me. I'm also excited about talking to people who are interested in productivity and self-improvement. 

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I solve issues
with sustainable solutions that change lives

There are things that you love doing. There are those that pay you money. There are things that you're absolutely good at. There are things that the world needs. Then, there are things that intersect across all these circles. The Japanese call this Ikigai, which translates to a reason to wake up every morning. When you love what you do so much, every morning is a new opportunity to learn and improve.

Solving problems with sustainable solutions that bring people together: this is my ikigai

My Companies &


These are some of the companies and non-profits I have founded. I'm excited about working with people who are just as excited about building them.