Academy program team org structure/RACI

Nov 4, 2021
In progress
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How do we keep Academies lean from an operational perspective?
How can we set Academies up to be mostly self-sufficient?
What is the rotation for program staff?
Are program teams embedded in the respective program or academy or are program teams for Academies embedded in the Academies org and work across Academies at an oversight level?
How do we develop educational content?
How do we recruit, train, and pay mentors?
Thoughts on NC Academy Team (based on jobs to be done)
An Academy offers multiple programs based on level of difficulty, focus area, etc. Each program has expert instructors and mentors with expertise in the field.
No Code Academy, PM/Director: Accountable for final goals of all programs in the Academy, continued marketing and growth activity for reach
Instructors: Responsible for creating live and async educational content for a program in an Academy
Mentors: Responsible for student guidance, feedback, and progress until graduation for a program in an Academy
Program Associate: Responsible for comms, hosting live events, mentor-student relationship management, student support, and candidate experience for a program in an Academy