New Notion Updates (Aug 15, 2022)

The Notion team is on a roll! Here are all the updates they’ve shipped recently.

New Notion Updates (Aug 15, 2022)
This is a roundup of all the latest Notion updates that were shipped in the last month. Which one is your favorite? If I’m missing any updates, please let me know in the comments!

Notion Progress Bars

No more writing complex slice formulae for progress bars! With this new update, Notion allows you to convert any number field or formula field with a numerical output to a progress bar. It even has a ‘percent’ format to make it easy. This is easily one of the most important updates Notion has ever released.

OMG! Notion Icons

notion image
Notion now makes it easy to add new icons without searching for them on Google. In addition to the emoji tab, you now have an icons tab when you set the page icon.
Here, you have a range of icon options, and you also have the ability to choose one of 10 colors for an icon before you insert it.

Notion Image Alignment and Download

notion image
You don’t have to add multiple columns on the right and left to change the alignment of an image. With this new update, you can change the alignment of the image to left, right, or centre. You can also download an image easily directly from Notion without needing to open the original first.

Setting a Default Template on Notion

If you want a template to be applied whenever you click on the “New” button on a database, you can choose one of your templates to be “default”. This way, you won’t have to select the same template every time you’re creating a new page.

Emojis on Comments

You can now add emoji reactions on comments on a Notion page, similar to how you can add emoji reactions on Slack threads. This saves time and reduces the number of comments, while providing more visibility for your team.

1 Page Limit for Database Relations

notion image
Sometimes it is helpful to limit the number of relations to just one database item. For instance, if a task can be assigned to only one employee, you might want to limit the database connection to just one item. This new update makes it possible to add that constraint.

Connect External Databases

If you have a database hosted on an external source such as JIRA, you can now display the database entirely on Notion. This saves plenty of time and effort for your team, and puts an end to multiple redirects and tabs.

Notion Figma Embeds Update

Figma embeds inside Notion just got supercharged.
Now, you can hover over any Figma link in Notion to get a quick pop-up preview of the page, with the name of user and date of last modification.

Modify Notion Column Type

With the release of Notion’s new databases earlier this year, it was not easy to quickly update the type of the column. You had to first click “Edit Property” on the column to open the side pane before you could change it. But with this new update, you can change the column type within the first menu, with the “Type” option right above the “Edit Property” option when you click on any column.

Preview Notion Comments

notion image
You can now show a preview or inline mention of a Notion comment, along with all the context: who wrote the comment, when, and on which page.
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