Find Success on Social Media

Social media can be a distraction that wrecks your focus, or it can be the biggest catalyst for your professional success if you use it right.

Find Success on Social Media
It is no secret that I launched my career as a tech educator because of Twitter, and I also enjoy large circles of reach on Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
While consistency, value delivery, and other principles of online content creation are critical features of success on social media, there are five key ways you can improve your approach and attitude to set yourself up for success on any social media platform.

Be Incessantly Curious

Social media is a long game. When you see stories of people gaining explosive popularity on any platform, accept it as an anecdote while knowing it is not the norm. Success takes time, and you will reach your milestones in time, with consistency and patience.
You’re playing the long game, and you have a long journey to success. All the answers you find now will eventually come together to create a path that is uniquely yours. So don’t stop asking questions. Stay curious, and find your answers.

There is Always More to Learn

Learning for the sake of learning is a superpower in any economy. New fields that you explore connect you with new people, and they bring new experiences and opportunities. Self-learning and a spirit of exploration are important for engineering serendipity online.
Always be excited to learn new subjects, and especially skills that are complementary to your main subject of expertise, since this is the best way to create your professional moat.

Be Humble

Humility is very underrated on social media, but it is the easiest way to gain respect and admiration from your followers. This is not to say that you can’t proudly display your achievements. Put all your love into your work, and let your work speak for you.
Don’t be afraid to be assertive, but do so while staying humble and willing to engage with anyone with constructive feedback. Feedback is a gift, so always accept help and suggestions from your followers.

Openness to New Experiences

The key to creating important connections on social media is always to be open to new experiences. Maybe it is a webinar, or a Twitter Space, or a live stream- go out of your way to grab new experiences. Attend online and IRL events, participate actively in live sessions and webinars and make new connections.
This is how you build your personal brand, which will, in turn, build your future.

Offer Help Before Asking

The cardinal rule for success on social media is to offer help first before you ever ask for it. When you show how you can help someone and offer it without any expectations, you guarantee that you will receive help for yourself in the future. Build in public, and be transparent about your process.
Offering help can be in the form of knowledge-sharing: put our your skills and expertise, share your tips openly, and teach free webinars.

Next Steps

I launched my career using these five tips, and the results have been spectacular for me. Social media can be an endless pit of doomscrolling, but if you use it right, it is a gold mine of opportunities.
If you want to get started with your social media growth, here is my free Twitter Growth Playbook so you can get started.
Vensy Krishna

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Vensy Krishna

No-code operator and educator.