I’ve found my tribe.

Finding my tribe, my purpose, and my Ikigai.

I’ve found my tribe.

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I’ve found my tribe.

I’m a Founding Fellow of On Deck’s inaugural No Code Fellowship.
It’s been a long journey since 2014, when I first started learning how to build a website while in law school, as I couldn’t find anyone who could help me make one for my new startup.
In 2017, I spent the summer learning how to build a Learning Management System from scratch on WordPress.
Armed with that confidence, I took my legal education startup entirely online and grew it into India’s premier law entrance portal within a year.
In 2018, I decided to shift careers to digital strategy, and now I advise businesses on digital communication strategy and growth.
Over the years 2010-2018, I learned to use WordPress, Mailchimp, Zapier, Wix, Canva, and a host of other tools without once learning about the term No-Code. But these were the tools that empowered a non-techie such as myself to launch and grow businesses and help others do the same.
These days, I’m playing with Bubble.io to finally bring life to ideas that I could never have imagined doing without programmer friends.
I am breathless seeing the possibilities that have opened for me.
My Fellowship starts this week. It’s been a long journey that was often frustrating, depressing, and uncertain. But learning to use Bubble gives me the same joy that I first felt when I discovered my first no-code tools all those years ago.
I’ve often been frustrated and dismayed at the number of directions my career has diverged and for lack of focus on anything specific. Why couldn’t I just stick to one thing?
Today, joining a group of brilliant people with a wide range of backgrounds, I feel confident that everything I’ve done so was leading up to this moment.
I’ve found my tribe.
Vensy Krishna

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Vensy Krishna

No-code operator and educator.