2 Rules To Live A Life Filled With Love, Meaning, and Purpose

Every day is a lesson, but the most learning happens during your most painful times. These are my new two rules for life.

What matters?

Over the past three years:
  • I built a beautiful life only to lose everything,
  • Completely pivoted my career and started from scratch,
  • Quickly launched a new but successful career in tech, and built a life beyond my wildest dreams
All of these things have taught me a tremendous amount about what matters in life, but more importantly, about what doesn’t. Every day is a lesson, but the most learning happens during your most painful times.
Plot twist: everything that seemed incredibly important three years ago has completely faded away, and I walk on a very different path today. Along the way, I found my top priorities among things that didn't make any sense all those years ago. Sometimes you just need to take your first steps on a new path with faith, and things will slowly fall into place.
These are my new two rules for life:


The biggest lesson from my journey is to hold irrevocable faith in the universe. I genuinely believe that when you give your best repeatedly, a new path will open up for you, one that is truly yours to follow.
With this faith also comes the ability to let go of things. When you focus on giving your best, you stop focusing on the results. If you're familiar with Indian philosophy, this is one of the core pillars of karma yoga.


The next lesson, even clearer in hindsight, is to have unbreakable patience. There is no 'overnight' success; life changes suddenly and powerfully only after you've put in your reps for a long period.
Six months look like a long period from this side of time, but in hindsight, six months seem like a blink of an eye. Be patient, focus on giving your best, and be ready to get bored.

Why are these my pillars?

Faith and patience will instill the two crucial pillars of success: perseverance and consistency. When you build your worldview on a foundation of faith and patience, you develop the ability to persevere through the hardest times. You will also find the strength to continue working on your mission despite failures or hardships.
Faith and patience give me the strength to hold on tight, and this becomes clearer to me every time I go through difficulties.
Vensy Krishna

Written by

Vensy Krishna

No-code operator and educator.