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Notion Certified Consultants are trusted productivity experts and solutions architects.

They're certified for their tactical skills and informed strategies, which often pair Notion with other powerful tools. Through bespoke implementation and personalized training, Notion Certified Consultants help companies, teams, and individuals eliminate barriers to productivity, efficiency, and the pursuit of goalsโ€”at home and at work.
Notion Certified Consultants span many countries, languages, and specialties. Explore the directory by language, country or year certified to find your match. You can also complete our request form for us to share your information with promising candidates.
Notion Certified Consultants
Notion Certified Consultants


How do I find the right Notion Certified Consultant for me?
While all Notion Consultants hold a sound understanding of Notion and implementation methodologies, some match best with certain types of clients. Here are some possible considerations for your search:
  • Experience & Specialties โ€” Experience within your industry can be beneficial in a Notion Consultant, but what's more important is experience with your specific needs. How do you intend to utilize Notion? Knowledge management? Project management? Client management? All of the above? Define your needs, ask prospective consultants how they'd approach those needs, and how they've implemented the same solutions for other clients. At times, the best solutions integrate complementary tools and services, so ask prospects where their expertise transcends Notion.
  • Brand & Resources โ€” Explore the websites, online profiles and published resources of prospective Notion Consultants. Do the experiences appeal to you? Do the messages resonate?
  • Principles & Rapport โ€” Regardless of workflow, you want a long-term, dependable partner in your Notion Consultant. A healthy, mutually rewarding partnership will hinge on shared principles and natural chemistry. Beyond Notion qualifications, be sure that you find genuine enjoyment in conversing with prospective consultants.
  • Language & Location โ€” Avoid language barriers and timezone conflicts. If you can find a local Notion Consultant, you might even consider convening in-person. The directory is preconfigured with views by language and location.
How is the directory sorted?
The directory is sorted by the consultants' certification dates.
What's the process for working with a Notion Certified Consultant?
Every Notion Consultant has a unique workflow, but most will generally follow this procedure:
  1. Start by submitting an inquiry through the consultant's website.
  1. You'll then hold an introductory conversation, where the consultant will learn about your specific needs.
  1. The consultant will follow up with a formal proposal.
  1. Depending on the client's style and your preferences, you'll either develop your workspace together, or the consultant will develop it independently.
  1. Once developed, you'll likely hold one or more training sessions.
What do Notion Certified Consultants charge?
Notion Consultants structure their fees in a variety of ways. Some bill hourly; others charge for specific deliverables. Some package consultations with courses and templates; others are entirely ร  la carte.
With engagements ranging from $100 to more than $10,000, there's a Notion Consultant for every budget. In true Notion spirit, be sure to ask about pricing and clarify your budget early to avoid wasted time.
What's the difference between Notion Certified Consultants and Notion Ambassadors?
Notion Consultants are productivity experts who make Notion consulting part of their businesses. Through a rigorous application and certification program, they demonstrate extraordinary competencies in Notion, productivity methodologies and complementary systems. Unlike volunteer Notion Ambassadors, Notion Consultants are compensated for helping users learn and implement Notion.
Notion Ambassadors are Notion enthusiasts who voluntarily lead local groups, organize online and offline events, and showcase best practices to inspire and educate other users. They are experienced Notion users and community builders; however, the Notion Ambassador label does not indicate the proficiency of a Notion Consultant.
Some active members of the Notion community share the goals of both programs and serve as both Ambassadors and Consultants.
How do I become a Notion Certified Consultant?
We're actively trying to build a diverse community of Notion Certified Consultants, we'd love for you to join us and share this program with others. Interested in certification? Learn more โ†’