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As the founder of Nutt Labs and creator of Notion VIP, William Nutt is an authoritative digital strategist and celebrated Notion expert.
In addition to supporting users, William partners directly with Notion in various capacities. He co-authored the Help & Support page, hosts the Notion at Work webcast, and helped develop the Notion Consultant certification program.
William is also known for his celebrated Bulletproof Workspace methodology, which has informed thousands of Notion workspaces.
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William Nutt
Founder & Chief Strategist, Nutt Labs
Raleigh, NC 🇺🇸

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William Nutt Founder & Chief Strategist, Nutt Labs Raleigh, NC 🇺🇸 Twitter / LinkedIn / YouTube / Contact

William's Work

Liber & Co.

Liber & Co. crafts scratch-made cocktail syrups for restaurants, bars and enthusiasts across the globe. In a sophisticated workspace, William applied Liber's administrative operations to Notion. Among other features:
  • a striking Cocktails gallery draws from a master Ingredients database, with automatically calculated prices;
  • a project template facilitates the development of a new syrup, from brainstorm to launch;
  • another project produces compelling pitches and proposals; and
  • a details Facilities Maintenance Schedule ensures no task goes overlooked — weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually.

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Beam Healthcare

Beam Healthcare offers an innovative way for healthcare facilities to provide tele-specialty services.
William scratch-made Beam's workspace to manage projects, meetings, resources and other initiatives across the company's teams and areas of practice. The configuration consolidates information within related master database to automate team and personal dashboards.
At the request of CEO Sarjoo Patel, William configured a meeting template to facilitate the Level 10 methodology.
A personalized "Beam HQ" page displays the tasks, projects, events and other relevant information to form a powerful dashboard for the viewer.


Motto is an acclaimed creative agency that crafts some of the world's most powerful brands.
The accomplished team had a proprietary project-management system that applied to no conventional software. Thus, they joined forces with William to craft a workspace that perfectly facilitated the process. In addition to his trademark master databases, William added multi-view databases to facilitate each level of Motto's sophisticated project hierarchy.
A dynamic team dashboard provides a high-level view of all organizational activity, and displays relevant items for the signed-in user.


Cyberstarts is a venture capital firm uniquely focused on cybersecurity.
William crafted the team's workspace to manage projects and facilitate complex relationships with various stakeholders, including investors, portfolio company founders and chief information security officers (CISOs) across the globe.


Kind Distribution

Kind Distribution is a conglomerate of industry-leading ecommerce companies. In the first phase of an ongoing partnership, William addressed three primary goals:
  1. Centralize resources and make them intuitively accessible.
  1. Streamline OKR planning, tracking and reflection.
  1. Facilitate meeting management and note-taking to maximize productivity.
William employed his Bulletproof 2.0 methodology, which exceeded these goals and laid the foundation for sustainable growth.

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Giving Assistant

A certified B Corporation, Giving Assistant makes it easy to turn everyday shopping into charitable donations.
William helped their new marketing manager make a splash on Day 1. Through a series of hands-on training sessions, she learned the ins and outs of Notion as they constructed the Giving Assistant workspace collaboratively. In addition to the tactical fundamentals, she learned productivity methodologies that could be applied to other areas of her work.
The Giving Assistant workspace helps the team to manage partnerships, organize resources, and analyze and monitor comparable initiatives.

TSG is an nationally renowned executive search firm specializing in private equity. For TSG, William manifested the full executive search process within Notion.
  • A tailored Search Assignment template neatly organizes requirements and facilitates each step of the cycle, from initial client conversations to post-placement follow-up.
  • A Candidate Pipeline arranges prospects by their position in the vetting cycle. Each functions as an independent project, with it's own series of tasks.
  • A Resource Library includes all materials associated with a search assignment. Those materials are filtered to display only as they're needed.
  • A company homepage displays all active search assignments, along with the top-five tasks for each team member.

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