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Victor Gross

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Victor is a No-Coder from France and Notion consultant.
He has a successful Entrepreneurial background launching and exiting a data platform on commodity prices and working in sales & product for top-tier Digital Agency. He coaches Managers and C-Levels on building Learning Organizations thanks to Lean Management Techniques: Visual Management, Problem Solving, Coaching Standards and more.

Victor Gross
CEO, Wizflow
Paris, France 🇫🇷

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Victor Gross CEO, Wizflow Paris, France 🇫🇷 Twitter / LinkedIn / Contact

Victor's Work


Theodo is a digital agency launching products with open-source technologies for Fortune 500 companies and scale-ups.
Knowledge is key for any service firm. M33 Group structures the knowledge of its 8 startups with Notion, leading to hundreds of pages organized through teams and accessible for any employee. Key operation pipelines are also run in Notion such as onboarding or holidays.
Victor led the change from an old knowledge system to Notion, including training and change management.

Mitsio Motu

Mitsio Motu provides consulting in Nigeria and West Africa for European Fortune 500 and startups seeking market insights
Victor structured the consulting activities across 4 essential streams: Clients, Deals and Projects, People and Offers. Thanks to relational databases, Mitsio Motu manages Deals with cross informations from Clients, Offers and Staffing People. The use of templates ensures Quality across the key steps of the process.

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