Creating a community

Creating a community

We've been thrilled to see so many Notion themed groups pop up around the world. It's wonderful to see our users come together to share best practices, help each other and talk about broader topics like productivity, management, and much more.
We strongly encourage anyone who is interested to start their own Notion group. This could be for your city, country, or an interest group. While there's no one right way to get this started, we put together some best practices and tips to help get the ball rolling.

Explore existing communities

Before you get started, take a peek at the list of existing groups and forums on our Community page. In some cases, there might already be a group for the same geography or interest. If you're still keen to get involved, we'd recommend reaching out to the admin of the group to see if you can combine forces.

Getting started

Before launching, please make sure to review these resources. All participants are required to abide by these guidelines:
  1. Code of Conduct
    Code of Conduct
  1. Community Brand Guidelines
    Community Brand Guidelines
Then take the next step by filling out this form:
Fill out this form to kick off your own community or send us a note.

Creating a group

After you've filled out the form above, it's time to build. We recommend using Notion as the home for your community. Create a new workspace and invite your members.
Here are the types of pages your shared group workspace might include. We've provided basic examples you can adapt and make your own:
  • Events calendar - Showing dates for webinars and meetups for your community
  • Translations and local resources - Tutorials, help articles, videos, etc. in your native language
  • Directory of members - Informative database of everyone in your community
  • Landing page - Public-facing page for new folks who would like to join your community
Here are some live examples to explore:
Once you've put together your workspace, please reach out to to get it upgraded to a free Team plan.
Of course, you don't have to use Notion to keep your group organized. We've also seen our community members make fantastic use of these platforms:

Support from Notion

If you've applied through us to start your group, we can provide the following support:
  • Promoting your community - Get your community listed on our Community page and amplified from our social media accounts. See our FAQ.
  • Connecting you with other leaders - Meet and learn from other community leaders.
  • Goodies to share with your members - We'll send you stickers, bags, pins and postcards to pass out (or send them on your behalf if that's easier). Submit a request here.
  • Direct communication with the Notion team - You'll always be able to chat with someone on our team. We'll also channel your feedback to product and engineering, host AMAs with staff, and more.

Creating an online presence

Get more exposure and gain members by building up your group's public presence. Here are some recommendations.

Twitter account

  1. Make sure to follow our
    Community Brand Guidelines
    Community Brand Guidelines
    when setting up your account
  1. Include a note in your bio saying that this is an unofficial community-managed account

Other accounts

We highly encourage you to use whichever platform is most relevant and interesting for you. In some cases, this might be platform-specific to your country or specific to the demographics of your community. We're excited to see where and what you build! 🙌
Fill out this form to kick off your own community or send us a note.

Questions? Send us a note and we'll get right back to you.