Notion Certified Consultants are trusted productivity experts and solutions architects.
Whether this describes your current business or your vision, this guide will help you assemble a robust application and prepare for the practical exercise.
Notion Consultant Certification is an advanced Notion certification. Check out our other offerings to become Notion Certified to make sure it’s right for you.

Lay the groundwork.

Through the Notion Consultant certification, we endorse consultancies proven to help users make the most of Notion. They're established businesses with existing clients and a strong presence in the Notion community. Prior to applying, you'll want to have a sound foundation for your business.

Participate in online communities.

Notion is distinguished by its active user community. Across online platforms, users ask and answer questions, exchange resources, and discuss ideas. Within these conversations, Notion Consultants remain active and authoritative.
As you prepare for certification, you can position yourself as a foremost Notion professional by answering questions regularly and dependably. Linking to your relevant, uniquely valuable content can help you grow a following and drive leads — but take care to avoid spammy behavior and excessive self-promotion.
For Notion Certified Consultant applicants, we like to see regular community engagement over the previous three months. The best contributions clearly help users overcome specific roadblocks.
→ For Notion's online communities and social media profiles, please reference the Notion Community page.

Publish resources.

By producing videos, templates, courses and other resources, you create gateways to consulting opportunities. These resources boost awareness, grow your following, build affinity and, ultimately, drive business inquiries.
Follow these strategies to develop a strong resource portfolio for your Notion Consultant application:
Deliver unique value to a narrow audience.
The web is now flush with Notion resources. Stand out in the crowd with resources tailored specifically to your niche. For content inspiration, observe recurring questions and challenges in the online communities where your niche commonly convenes.
This video from Eric Reinholdt of 30X40 Design Workshop overviews a framework specifically for architects, with accompanying templates.
Video preview
Uphold production quality.
Needless to say, Notion cares deeply for principled aesthetics. As ambassadors of the brand, Notion Consultants share that value, which they manifest in their own digital footprints. You certainly don't need the gifts of Picasso or Ken Burns, but do remain mindful of production quality.
For productions of every type, affordable tools make it easy to uphold our shared standards for professionalism. Here are a few:
Promote strategically.
The quality of your material is most important, but how you share it is also critical to its benefit. Your application is strengthened by high rates of viewership and favorable engagement, and that requires attracting eyeballs. Here are a few ideas for distributing your resources:
  • Share them within those online communities, but only when they relate to the conversation and resolve a problem. Again, take care to avoid spammy promotion.
  • Share them with your own social media followers, YouTube subscribers and email lists.
  • Partner with influential voices in the Notion community.
  • Feature them on your website with strategic search engine optimization.
Here's some inspiration for your resource production—some free, others paid:
For more information about resource production, visit Notion's Community and Business pages.

Grow your following.

Notion Certified Consultants are dependable sources of insight, typically with considerable followings across channels. By participating in online communities and publishing and promoting uniquely valuable resources, you'll grow your own base of followers, which boosts your credibility and fills the top of your sales funnel. It also bolsters your Notion Consultant application.
Allocate due time and other resources to forming partnerships and other audience-acquisition strategies. The investment will pay dividends.

Build your portfolio.

In your application, you'll include three strong client case studies. Each will demonstrate a clear objective and an informed solution that utilizes advanced Notion functionality and proven methodologies.
Your clients should be entirely independent, with no previous affiliation to you. They're not your crazy uncle, your book club, or the philanthropy you support on Saturdays. Instead, they're credible businesses, organizations or individual professionals you connect with through conventional marketing and networking means.

Capture leads with a Consulting page.

As awareness of your expertise grows through the above initiatives, you'll want to make your audience aware of your consulting services. Add a page to your website that overviews your offerings and captures leads. Make the page visible to anyone consuming your resources, and mention it naturally to members of your audience who demonstrate the need and capacity for a deeper level of support.
Here are a few examples:

Submit a strong application.

We’re currently accepting applications in English.
At this time we are only able to review application materials in English. For any contents originally in another language, we welcome you to provide a translation. If English is a secondary language, just do your best; you won’t be penalized for grammatical issues.
An effective application succinctly packages the above qualifications. It also includes the content for your profile in the official Notion Certified Consultant Directory.
Strong applications showcase an extraordinary understanding of Notion and implementation methodologies, along with a track record of delivering value to users through community engagement, published resources, and consulting.
As you complete your application, you're unable to save your progress, so you'll want to prepare your responses in advance. Reference
Notion Certified Consultant Application Questions
Notion Certified Consultant Application Questions

Choose the right resources.

Choose three resources that:
  1. follow the above guidelines;
  1. effectively showcase your expertise in Notion and implementation methodologies; and
  1. uphold Notion's standard for aesthetics.
The strongest submissions will provide unique value by resolving an unaddressed problem and/or serving a niche audience. Choose resources where users have expressed this value by sharing and commenting.
This video from Red Gregory takes an unconventional approach by ditching the computer and answering common questions the remain mostly unanswered. The staging and production create a pleasant viewing experience without requiring expensive tools or equipment. In the comments, users express overwhelming benefit.
Video preview
For each resource, briefly describe the value, like so:
Relations and Rollups are among the most challenging concepts for users. This video explains them in elementary terms, then offers practical examples tailored for students to ensure the concepts "click."
So long as they're publicly accessible and demonstrate your expertise and value to users, we are impartial to the resource types. Common formats include videos, written guides, courses, templates and live presentations.

Choose your online engagements.

The application requests a link to five contributions to online conversations. You can link directly to the engagement or a screenshot, but ensure it's accessible by a non-signed-in user.
This section allows you to showcase your regular contributions to online conversations over an extended period. The quality and timespan of your contributions matter more than the variety of platforms, so feel free to include five posts from a single community. Most importantly, ensure each one successfully resolves a specific problem from another user, with favorable comments.
In this example, Ben Smith offers a little solution to a common problem, then links to more information. His comment features multiple "likes" and a highly favorable response.
notion image

Prepare your case studies.

Your case studies are the crux of your application, where you demonstrate the work you'd like Notion to endorse. As such, they should clearly demonstrate a problem and informed solution.
Should you choose to include them on your directory profile, your case studies are also where prospective clients will see samples of your work.
Follow these guidelines for each case study:
Choose a strong project.
Your case study clients should be entirely independent, with no previous affiliation to you. They're credible businesses, organizations or individual professionals you connect with through professional marketing and networking means.
The project itself should demonstrate the expanse of your knowledge and your standard for a pleasing user experience.
Can we contact the client?
If we need additional affirmation for your qualifications, we'll engage one or more of the clients you allow us to contact for a sense of their experience with you.
Describe the client's problem.
What does the client aim to resolve with Notion? Why did they solicit your expertise? For example:
The team at BOLD Design Co. couldn't agree on a project management system. Every department used an independent tool, which created inefficiencies and prohibited high-level management of the organization.
They knew Notion could solve their problems and became proficient with its core functions. However, they remained uncertain about how to structure their workspace to suit their unique workflow.
Describe your solution.
How did you resolve that problem with Notion and any complementary tools? Provide an overview of the workspace architecture, with any principles, productivity systems, and Notion-specific methodologies that inspired your approach. Describe its impact for the client.
Here's a sample solution:
Using Notion, I created not only a universal project management platform; I developed a comprehensive internal operating system. The reimagined workspace draws from such mainstream productivity systems as PARA and GTD, as well as Notion-specific implementations, including PPV and Bulletproof.
All workspace information is centralized in master databases, which are stored in a master Databases page. The Areas database includes the high level-categories of BOLD's work. Most other databases are related to an Area, and each Area serves as a contextual dashboard, with filtered views of other databases. A "BOLD Area" template includes self-referencing filters within these Linked Databases.
The Projects and Tasks databases form a parent-child relationship. Projects are related to Tasks and Areas, of course, but also Resources, Meetings and other master databases. As with Areas, this allows Projects to function as their own dashboards, with a template that includes various Linked Databases containing self-referencing filters.
In addition to the Area and Projects dashboards, information is often viewed and managed within the BOLD HQ page, which includes various Linked Databases containing "Me" filters. This allows each user to view the Areas, Projects, Tasks, Resources and other items where the user is included in the Person property.
Aesthetically, the workspace employs visual hierarchy, abundant spacing and dividers to create a pleasing user experience. Where possible, block types vary by type and column arrangement.
This solution completely transformed the way BOLD operates. It streamlined project management and increased overall efficiency to expand capacity, elevate morale, and ultimately boost revenue.

Prepare for the practical exercise.

Through a hypothetical client project, you'll architect a solution to common problems. You'll be given approximately five days to complete it, but you can plan to spend about five hours.


To complete the exercise, you’ll want to hold advanced proficiency in these areas:
  • Block Types & Arrangement
  • Comments, Mentions & Reminders
  • Property Types
  • Database Formats
  • Views
    • Including grouping.
  • Templates
    • Including self-referencing filters.
  • Formulas
  • Relations
  • Importing, Exporting & Migrations
  • PARA
  • GTD
  • The Eisenhower Matrix
  • Bulletproof
  • Page Settings & Styling
  • Plans & Pricing
  • Principles of Design
  • Sharing & Permissions
  • Updates & Notifications
  • Workspace Settings & Administration

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