Paolo Perrone

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Ciudad de Mexico
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I am passionate about helping teams, managers and business owners do their best work.
I help clarify needs and workflows then build custom workspaces to empower that work. My combination of relational skills, critical systems thinking and technical dexterity makes my work unique.

Paolo Perrone
Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico 🇲🇽

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Paolo Perrone Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico 🇲🇽 LinkedIn / Contact

Paolo's Work

Alejandro Silva

Alejandro needed help to organize his workflow made of 4 active clients and a startup he was cofounding. The main tenant for the client was making sure nothing slip to the crack.
I divided the workspace in 2 main areas: an Execution area and a Review & Planning. The execution area is only 1 table filter for different view 1) inbox: quick data-entry 2) Prioritizar: setting priorities according to effort and impact of any task 3) Calendar view 4) Priority List 5) Kanban by format (video, illustration, webpage, photo) 6) Kanban by platform (Instagram, Facebook and Youtube) and 7) a Kanban grouped by Priority.
The second part of the workspace is the "Planning & Review" where progress by Clients and Personal Project (Caseritos) is summarized and displayed. The navigation in this workspace it's pretty convenient thanks to breadcrumb and citing relevant pages. This whole workspace contains lots of information but can be managed within 1 screen.


COLABORATIVOx is a global seed program for impact startups.
The client needed help organizing it's growing operations. As an accelerator and investment fund currently fundraising, the client needed to centralize information for startups he was working with, while recruiting new hires and fundraising. The workspace also serves to keep the 2 co-founders aware of each-other progress.
I prepared a task list organized by projects, areas, and responsible, then I organized the fundraising and the recruiting process by stage and displayed it in a kanban. This workspace isn't the most complex but it got the work done for the client.

Vega Coffee

Vega produces organic, shade-grown microlot coffee from Colombia. As Vega grew to a full-fledged specialty coffee exporter it needed help formalizing internal processes, document storage and meeting notes. The management team also wanted a tool to align and keep the 4 of them accountable for quarterly and yearly objectives.
This workspace is structured around 7 databases that capture all relevant information of the company and a personal page for each areas' manager. It is pretty layered: tasks are related to projects which are related to rocks. Rocks are special projects particularly relevant to short-term strategy and with an execution timeline of max 3 months.
Projects and Rocks are summarized into Areas. All this information is also related to the quarter which allows Vega to measure strategy execution consistently over time. Each area manager contains a list of to-do items, a gallery view of Rocks with, and a kanban view of Projects a summary of progressions towards completion. Each area workspace also contains a list of relevant resources filtered for that particular area.