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Max Bolondi

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A multi-disciplinary business consultant with a background in Project Management, Digital Marketing and UX, Max is based in London and offers advice to small/medium businesses located around the globe.
While his current focus is Notion, over his 19 year career he has developed a blend of skills that includes no-code automation and integration, systems design and project management consultancy.

Max Bolondi
Notion System Designer, NotionWide
London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧

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Max Bolondi Notion System Designer, NotionWide London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 Twitter / LinkedIn / Contact

Max's Work

BitAge Software Solutions S.r.l.

BitAge is a software house based in Milan, delivering ERP, CRM and other Saas custom solutions to their SMB customer base.
Max developed a full company OS Workspace with the addition of two custom modules:
  • Recurring Invoices system (with Integromat integration)
  • Easy Expense Report module

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Studio VF17

Studio VF17 are a small team based in London and focused on social media marketing and content creation.
The final development for the Company OS Max delivered includes:
  • Sales cycle management system: to identify and prioritize admin tasks, especially with regards to pending invoices and invoicing deadlines (a workflow was implemented accordingly on the basis of a checkbox status to make sure every completed task generates a new pending invoice).
  • CRM system: to control the flow of information and content about clients and projects (these were previously scattered between e-mails, whatsapp messages, notes from meetings, etc.).
  • Content hub: to organize all creative content, both inbound (inspiration from screenshots, pics taken while on the go, links, etc.) and outbound (editorial planner)
  • Manage complexity in structured projects with kanban views and boards

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Jamie Shuck

Jamie is developing a marketing automation agency.
Max created a full-fledged lean operation Command Centre designed for growth and expansion featuring a Company Operative System based on a sales driven approach.
Main features:
  • Company OS dashboard including 'Quick Actions' CTAs based on UX 'affordances' concept + GTD style 'Inbox' area and personalized formulas for 'tasks' and 'sales' databases.
  • Sales -> Tasks advanced workflow set up (seamlessly connecting the 'Deals' database with the 'Tasks' database so that 'Won' deals can become tasks while carrying over all properties and page content).
  • Personalized templates for companies, people and sales (Hubspot inspired).
  • Full integration with client's Google Workspace.

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