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I believe systems should help you love what you do and do your best work.
That's why I help business owners & entrepreneurs find the right tools and systems to help them do their best work!

Jonathan Stewart
Simplicity Consultant, Simplicity Specialist
Exeter, UK 🇬🇧

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Jonathan Stewart Simplicity Consultant, Simplicity Specialist Exeter, UK 🇬🇧 Twitter / LinkedIn / YouTube / Contact

Jonathan's Work

Worditude LTD

Worditude LTD provides copywriting coaching for business owners.
Laura had been running her business for the last 7 years outside of 12 different notebooks. She also homeschools her two teenage children. She needed to have a solution that helped her to be mobile, and efficent but give her the freedom to quickly move between tasks when family get involved.
I created a simple Project Management System based on the PARA Method. This has given her the flexibility to grow her business, in her own time.
On top of this I recreated her membership inside of Notion meaning reducing her overhead and making it easier to update and upgrade her courses and membership.

Majik Media

Majik Media helps purpose-driven creators build highly engaging courses, media & online communities that transform lives, educate audiences & turn messages into movements.

The Problem

Bradley needed to set up a team management system to organize all of his projects for their internal team and clients.

Jonathan's Solution

I created a simplified version of PARA, and shared how to create a number of database templates.
This meant that Bradley was able to move his ideas from his head to Notion. He was able to customize Notion to his own needs, during our time together. He no longer had to hold everything inside of his head. It was able to be stored inside of Notion.

Abuela Doulas

Abuela Doulas is the first Black owned, founded and created UK Doula Course.

The Problem

Mars came to me because she wanted an online office That made it easy for her to be productive, I suggested Notion but she felt scared and overwhelmed with the thought of putting it together and making it happen.

Jonathan's Solution

I created a simple version of a 2nd Brain and a Weekly Dashboard that's she's used since to help manage her clients and more.
Also I created a Course & Products Notebook which means she's able to track her online courses in one place without having to worry about it which she is able to connect to projects & areas she's working on. Once again I designed a minimalist version of PARA that works for her.
Everything was based on a PARA & BASB and a little bit of GSD.