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Hi! I'm Fede, a Product Designer based in Madrid.
I'm a Notion, Figma and Productivity teacher. I create systems that balance simplicity, design and technology. If you want to improve the way you work under one tool, I'll be happy to help 😀.

Fede Sánchez
Product Designer, Elastic Heads
Madrid, Spain 🇪🇸

Twitter  /  LinkedIn  /  Contact
Fede Sánchez Product Designer, Elastic Heads Madrid, Spain 🇪🇸 Twitter / LinkedIn / Contact

Fede's Work


Meep is a sustainable urban mobility app that provides you the routes that best match your preferences.
At that company they use different tools for managing backlogs, sprints and epics. Angel (The UI Designer) didn't want to use a lot of tools and wanted to have direct communication with us.
We suggested Notion instead of Trello + G Suite. We did a one week training sprint where we taught him how to manage databases, files and links. Also, we managed to have our conversations using comments. The project went well and know with manage all the new epics with Notion and his boss is pretty happy!
The project included these elements:
  • Elastic Meep (Shared Kanban board with tasks from different epics using db relationships).
  • Epics (Big projects using a kanban board and connected to Elastic Meep)
  • Documents (Scientific papers about Mobility As A Service)
  • Meetings (Notes, tasks....)
  • Archive (Old files, sprints...)

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Elastic Heads

At Elastic Heads, we provide UX and UI design consulting.
Two years ago when I arrived at Elastic Heads they were using a lot of tools to manage work. Trello, Sketch, Google Drive...You get the idea. My first month I have to ask them about files, they would have to share them, it was really inefficient. I talked to my bosses and proposed a change. Like try Notion for a month as our wiki. We did. It went well and we decided to move everything under it. We have been with this system and so far it has been pretty good (although not perfect).
We were at team of three at that time. Now we are five and for small studios like ours it's amazing how many things we can accomplish.

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We have a simple yet powerful system. Everything is under a Shared Page (Elastic Heads) then we organize things with headings and dividers.
Main Block
  • Tasks and Projects (Kanban, List of active projects and tasks)
  • OKR's (Personal and company OKRs using tables)
  • Log (Weekly tasks with checkboxes)
  • Proposals (Clients proposals using templates)
  • Team (Reviews, Retrospectives, Office, Roadmap and Side projects)
  • Pitches (Idea from Basecamp's "It does not have to be crazy at Work") where I propose new ways to improve productivity.
Training, Courses and Workshops
We organise courses here, the planning, students and we have pages with instructions for students
  • Workshops (We do free workshops at our office)
  • On Boarding (New employees instructions which is a new document we are making, work in progress 😃).
  • Toolbox (Pages, tools that help us design better products)
  • UI Kits, Icons...
  • Tricks that We have learned (Better google searches, Notion, Figma...)
  • UX Library with books
  • Personal pages for team drafts