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Celz is a productivity gardener — she believes that systems should grow with you.
Productivity expert with a background in automations, project management, and Coaching, she can help you turn your thoughts into a system aligned with your brain AND heart.
Seasoned with making personal and team systems, so you don't have to overthink how to build that dashboard you want.

Celz Alejandro
Taguig, Philippines 🇵🇭

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Celz's Work

Notion Labs Inc.

I am heading the training for the customer service representatives here in the Philippines for Notion Global Teams. They wanted someone to train the agents in Notion who can speak the local language and localize the experience.
The bulk of the material was provided, so the challenge was to present the material that would help agents understand Notion more.
It wasn't just a matter of translating the content, but it was also about finding relevant examples, demonstrating the different features and how they're typically used, and of course, creating an environment where people can ask questions freely and comfortably.
At the end of the training, agents would ask more questions, engage more, and were able to answer majority of the knowledge check questions.


Digital Solopreneur Inc.

Allan is an email copywriting mentor, marketing automation strategist and digital marketing consultant who has a small team.
They were using Notion, but they weren't making full use of Notion's features. Their initial rating of their Notion workspace use is 5.5/10. After this project, it became a solid 9/10.

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Carol Medalla

Carol is a freelancer and community leader championing holistic wealth making and practical homemaking.
Carol is like most people: multi-passionate, hungry for learning, and has a lot of goals.
The difference? She's already a grandma. But that hasn't stopped her from pursuing her passions. Problem is she needed a space to organize her thoughs because her physical journals aren't working for her anymore.
Enter my Notion VIP day. At the end of the session:
1. she knows what features she needs to learn/focus on
2. she understood how to build relevant spaces for her
3. she can use common features
4. she has the answers to all her questions -- answered live
5. she got to take home the workspace we built during training.
All in under 2 hours.