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I help entrepreneurs with more overview and a structure that suits them.
I do this by setting up Notion, where I actively contribute to the best solution for their problem.
I do this through 1-on-1 live sessions, so that the processes of the entrepreneur or company are properly viewed. And in this way they also get to know Notion right away.

Astrid van de Nieuwenhof
Owner, Aranea Advies
Utrecht, The Netherlands 🇳🇱

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Astrid van de Nieuwenhof Owner, Aranea Advies Utrecht, The Netherlands 🇳🇱 LinkedIn / Contact

Astrid's Work

De wandeltrainer

The Problem

Wanda Wandelt is an entrepreneur with many different projects, where she has a lot of consultations. She no longer had an overview of her own actions or what she had asked of others.

Astrid's Solution

During two 1-on-1 live sessions I asked her about how she works now and how she would like to work. The latter has been the starting point for building in Notion. By constantly asking what she really wants and what a solution would be for her problem, I have built a workspace that she really enjoys working with. From chaotic entrepreneur, she is now the one who often remembers others of their actions.

Stichting ALEZ - academie voor leren en zelfstandigheid

A foundation with a board of 3 people, with a team of teachers who guide young people with intellectual disabilities.

The Problem

Lots of information in different places, especially many different whatsapp groups and dropbox. This foundation is already growing and professionalizing. Many processes have not yet been worked out, they were looking for them.

Astrid's Solution

After an extensive intake, in which I thought along with them about how they want to work and what information is already there, I made a plan for their own internal digital office. In which everything is structured and interrelated where necessary.
Subsequently set up their own dashboard for each team member and gave training about Notion. While they started working with it, I was present in the background for questions and adjustments. To make it completely according to their wishes. They can now find everything and all communication goes via Notion.